Dollar Stores

  1. Shopping destination for disposable toys, Chinese toothpaste, off-brand food products and third-world greeting cards
  2. Home of the bipolar shopping experience

Usage Example: “I didn’t know that this dollar store had a meat department!”

Background: Shopping at a dollar store can be an excellent choice or the most frightening decision that a human being can make.

Shoppers looking to save money by purchasing party supplies and off-brand food products may be pleasantly surprised. For example, some dollar stores carry a wide variety of bagged cereals – from “Captain Crisp” to “Fruity Tiny Rocks”.

However, purchasing other products at a dollar store can be a tricky proposition. For example, there is nothing more frightening than the idea of a dollar store meat department. Yes, a dollar store meat department. Some dollar stores actually do contain small meat departments. These meat departments usually sell ham, turkey legs and rib eye steaks.

Purchasing a four ounce rib eye steak from a dollar store is a poor life decision. Some job applications not only ask about an applicant’s criminal background, but also whether he or she ever purchased a dollar store steak. Anyone who is tempted to purchase a dollar store steak is advised to sober up, and settle for the “Captain Crisp”.

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