1. Bossy, electronic enabler for bad spellers
  2. Prank software that inexplicably found its way into every smartphone and word processing application

Usage Example: “I just spent two hours in Human Resources because autocorrect messed up a text to my boss.”

Background: When autocorrection functionality was first created by Microsoft, the concept was simple: enable bad spellers to continue to be bad spellers without even realizing it. Commonly misspelled words would be automatically changed to the correct spelling – thus guaranteeing that no one would ever know how to properly spell the words acceptable, conscientious, immediate or supersede, again. This goal was in fact achieved.

A secondary goal of the development team was to create software that would forcibly change the correct spellings of proper names and technical terms to words that would render messages funny and completely inappropriate. That goal was also achieved. Now, entire websites are dedicated to these “autocorrect fails”. To this day, developers are amazed that the “prankware” that they created is still so widely used.

In light of those facts, having autocorrect functionality on our phones is like having a bossy, older sibling with us at all times – constantly correcting us and always seeking opportunities to make fools of us.

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