American Idol

  1. A long-running televised singing competition that has cycled through approximately 238,420 judges over its 379 year run
  2. The crazy uncle of the television world

Usage Example: “Isn’t Larry the Cable Guy a judge on American Idol this season?”

Background:  Fox has announced that 2016 will be the final year for the televised singing competition, American Idol. This announcement sent massive shock waves throughout the American public, who had no idea that American Idol was still on the air.  After checking the internet to confirm that American Idol was indeed still on the air, they resumed their normal activities.

Over its long, tedious run, American idol solidified its role as the crazy uncle of the television world. Throughout its first few years, American Idol was cool and different – like when your childish, unemployed uncle first came to crash on your parents couch for a few days. However, as time went on, it became increasingly pathetic. After its first few seasons, American Idol had lowered itself to eating Spaghetti-O’s out of the can and sleeping on the futon until 2:00 pm every day. It kept saying it was looking for work, but no one believed it. It started leaving laundry on the floor and clipping its toenails at the kitchen table. Everyone knew it was time for American Idol to go, but it just kept hanging around.

Eventually, everyone in the house started ignoring it. Feeling the cold shoulder, American Idol retreated to the basement where it played “Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!” all day long and subsisted on a diet of Funyuns and Rock Star energy drinks. Everyone forgot it was still there. Then, many years later, American Idol finally moves out, and hardly anyone notices.

We wish you the best American Idol. We hope your new job at Shoney’s helps you find yourself.

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