1. The process of extracting a thimble full of juice from $90 worth of fruits and/or vegetables with a $300 machine that is specifically designed to take up large tracts of space on kitchen counters
  2. Diet used to impress friends and family with containers of unidentifiable green and/or brown liquid until the dieter gives up and decides that solid food is important … approximately two to three days later

Usage Example: “I saw this juicing documentary and now I’m hooked on juicing! I just love this dark-beige kale-wheatgrass-carrot-celery-pineapple power juice!”

Background: Fresh juice can be very good. But, Choco Tacos are also very good. Much like ingesting a diet of only Choco Tacos is probably a bad idea, forgoing solid food for juice is also kind of crazy.

But wait (juicers say)! It’s just a temporary juice fast! It’s a “reboot”. It’s not supposed to be permanent!

Fair enough. When the juicing diet ends, dieters inevitably go back to a diet of primarily Choco Tacos, and the juicing machine graduates from taking up large tracts of space on the kitchen counter, to taking up large tracts of space in the garage; waiting to be sold for $10 on Craigslist.

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