1. A powerful electronic hammer used to destroy the coolest internet stories about products containing dangerous toxins, spider eggs and horse meat
  2. A powerful electronic hammer used to destroy friendships

Usage Example: “Um, actually, Beanie Babies aren’t filled with brown recluse spider eggs. Next time, check Snopes:”

Background: has been crushing internet rumors and destroying friendships since 1995.


Humans love good rumors. Humans love conspiracies. Humans love the idea that KFC had to change its name from Kentucky Fried Chicken to KFC because their “chicken” isn’t actually chicken meat, but genetically modified organisms.


And, because we all love a good “Rosie O’Donell has an ISIS tattoo” story (, Snopes is here to set us straight. However, it is important to note that is also a powerful weapon. When a friend posts a story on Facebook about Arizona Iced Tea containing human urine, and your response begins with the word “Actually” and ends with “”, the “Snopes hammer” has struck. Another round is complete in the never-ending social media battle to always be right and have the last word.


Failing to use the Snopes Hammer tactfully directly results in the loss of friends. This loss then leads to depression, which leads to binge-watching the first three seasons of The Golden Girls over a single weekend.

On the other hand, one who learns to wield the power of the Snopes Hammer with tact becomes a:


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