1. A large club for the rich and entitled that specializes in appearing busy, and occasionally meets in Washington D.C.
  2. A gathering of the robotic winners of local popularity contests

Usage Example: “Congress will be out of session until after Labor Day.”

Background:  Most politicians are smiling, rich, Type A robots, programmed with an unquenchable thirst to win popularity contests at any cost. This thirst drives them to repeatedly enter elections, including congressional elections.

Throughout the election process, these politicians are programmed to speak in vague terms, often using outdated clichés, and never exceeding 30 seconds of actual substance when discussing political issues. They are also designed to release slick, superficial political advertisements approximately once every 90 seconds.

Upon winning a seat in congress, the congressional robots are powered-down, and only activated to talk on Sunday morning news shows, hire staffers, and occasionally grandstand among the other robots. Spending most of their time powered-down allows the congressional robots to conserve energy for their next congressional election.

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